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March 24, 2007



Oh my gawd---that's what Rex looks like? I've been listening to the guy for ten years and that's the first picture of him, unless I'm mistaken, that's ever appeared on a WFMU website.

Well there goes my fantasy---I always imagined him as looking like Jughead from Archie comics. This is probably due to the combination of his on-air genial goofiness and the constant snack food references. Didn't Juggy constantly inhale junk food without gaining an ounce?

Who knew he was such a distinguished-looking gentleman---a kind of fur-lined fallout shelter Ronald Coleman?

Well, thanks for all the great radio Rex---and, for that matter, the rest of the Rat Pack in the photo there. You guys are the ring-a-ding-dingyest!


Fantasy Rex

Real Rex


the difference: WFMU does not have licensing problems upon DVD reissue


Flot, I've had the pleasure of meeting a number of my FMU on-air heroes and heroines over the years, and not one has looked anything like the way I pictured him or her as a listener -- except John Narucki. I told him when I met him that he looked exactly like I'd always pictured him, and he said that he didn't know whether to say "Thanks" or "Fuck you."

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