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April 13, 2007



Wow, that was mighty enjoyable... unexpected! Quite the tracklist on that 'ukulele yes!' album. I wish you'd also posted their rendition of Spinning Wheel, I can't even imagine that on ukes.


"Spinning Wheel" (which is good, but doesn't have vocals) is available on my original blog post for Ukulele Yes!; I meant to include that link in the post here.


Here's a bit of surprise, given I live here in Halifax, NS Canada and don't often see any homegrown material in the 365 day project, but hey, now I'm kicking myself, as I wanted to contribute to this edition of the project (as I did in 2003) and forgot about this album.

This is just one of numerous albums I've found from different school systems and schools in Nova Scotia during the 70's. I'll have to dig some of them out. Chalmer's also ran "Doane's Music" for years a music store focused on what he did with the school. His Daughter Melanie Doane is quite a Canadian Artist in her own right. I wonder if chalmers forced her to play a ukuleke of her own? hehehehe.

The album is fairly common around the halifax area still, in thift stores, salvation army and the like, up there with anne murray's first album...yes, she's from our province.

We've play country roads on our show before....maybe time to dig it out again.


Ohh.. How i wish i had ukulele lessons in school!!!


I am a ukulele teacher in the UK, and help many schools to provide ukulele lessons. I have always been fascinated by the Doane progam, it gave rise to so many great ukulele players. I have never heard the children before and I am so glad to hear them strumming and singing; that is the best way to play the uke!


Listener Kliph

This record is fairly common in Canada, at least more so than the other two you mentioned which I didn't even know existed. The Audat label that put out Ukulele Yes! also put out a record called Toronto: What Other City Calls It's City Younge in 1974 or so and it contains some pretty movin' tracks about the town.


Chalmers Doane has recently made 9 entire LPs of his ukulele groups available for free download on his website. Records date from 1972–82.

Get 'em while you can at


The complete LP list:
Ukulele Yes! (1972)
Ukuleles on Tour (1974)
Ukulele Magic (1975)
Ukulele Solos (1976)
Halifax Ukuleles and Fiddles (1979)
Musical Ride (1978)
Ukulele Express (1979)
Ukuleles East (1982)
Uke Trio (1982)

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