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April 15, 2007



'optimism that reached its nadir in Ronald Reagan's "Morning in America'"

i was gonna correct you and say 'zenith,' but doggone it, nadir is the perfect word there.........

Ed Corcoran

Speaking of Ronald Reagan and 45's that googling tells nothing about, I recently picked up "Khaddaffi Duck" by Ronnie and the Ray Guns. It sounds exactly like you'd expect. My guess is that it was recorded by some morning DJ and it got enough requests that they decided to press it as a single (with the same song on both sides). If there's any interest, I can rip it.

Pinball King

"We do what we do so well". Like building weapons of mass destruction, for example?

Jonathan Ward

Great post, Derek - thanks for sharing this one.

For some reason, corporations seemed to love the 45 and the 45 EP for musical motivation - sometimes for whole industrial shows. There's quite a few out there, but they're among the hardest industrials to find.

GE proper did another in-house 45 around this time called "Control Country" which is pretty frightening, too! Good stuff - thanks again -

Hear It Wow

Glad you enjoyed. To add a little more historical context, this was released at around the same time as the first draft evacuation plans for the Seabrook nuclear power plant. The Seacoast region had been tearing itself apart over construction of the plant for more than a decade, and the influx--and occasional abrupt departure--of thousands of construction workers and their families transformed the Hampton area and left a lot of locals wondering aboout the state of their community. I suspect this is aimed at stopping employees from quitting, and it's possible that the Meter division was involved in providing equipment for the plant, which would have set off a lot of criticism from the opposition.


Where did you find this C.D.? I guess you just never know what's out there until it's brought to your attention.

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