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April 16, 2007


carlos ZZ zerpa

Planeta Zappa
Un planeta y un blog con el nombre de Frank Zappa Planet number 3834 has been named in honor of innovative rock musician Frank Zappa.

Kimo Akane

Wow what a flash back...

At the time Wili was the afternoon guy at KQMQ. He was really talented, a great musician and a natuarlly funny guy (as well as a good friend). The song featured several guys from the station... Kelly Randall, the Mokettes were Wili's GF at the time and Lilia Miller (Music Director), Jonell Cockette (Traffic Director) and one of the weekend jocks (Amber?).

I remember that we actually did this the legal way and paid royalties (wow imagine that) to Frank Zappa.

Mahalo for the memories,


Kelly Randall


I was doing afternoons at the Q when we did this song. Thanks for putting it up. I miss Wili like nobody's buiness. You never forget the guy who teaches you how to boogie board.

Kelly Randall
Denver, CO
August 9, 2012

Tony Taylor

Actually, it was me, Tony Taylor, who co-produced it with Willi, who wrote it. I played drums as well as engineered/recorded it/mixed it at Audio Media Studios in Kaka'ako, Honolulu, HI. Was a fun night from what I remember. DJ Autumn Antel speaks at the end as was a true Valley Girl in every sense...sort of. Thanks to whoever uploaded it. I have a copy on 45 rpm somewhere. And yes, Frank Zappa got paid! Sure do miss The Moke!

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