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April 18, 2007



Oh man, if you want many voices and comedy you know the routine, just click.


Just curious as to why it couldn't be the head of the liquor chain. Someone on the Net described him as a "character."

Pinball King

Sounds like Sid Vicious.


From the looks of this record, it was probably pressed by PYE.
I wasn't aware of them doing "vanity records", but who knows.


Freddie did have several liquor stores in West London until the mid-eighties as I recall. He had regular commercial spots on a London radio station(LBC?),which incorporated very brief clips from these tracks used to humourous effect.
The business closed in the nineties,either before, or as a result of, his death

Simon Marks

You can actually find some of Freddie Barrett's original advertisements, all of which aired on London's LBC News Radio at the following website:

Freddie Barrett was one of three of LBC's best-known advertisers back in the late 70s/early 80s. The other two were "The Houndsditch Warehouse", and another liquor store called Augustus Barnett, which aired a daily ad in the form of a soap opera on "A.M.", LBC's very popular morning show. In the station's prime, Freddie's ads were reaching more than 2 million Londoners a week.


"The Many Voices Of Freddie Barrett" my friends also had this,and it good you also have this.;

by: missy


Hi there
re: The Houndsditch Warehouse - do you know anything of the advertising jingle played on LBC in the 1970s?


The big red building on pettycoatlane was the jingle about the houndsditch wherehouse both on Lbc and Capitol radio in the late 70's

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