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April 23, 2007



Wow these bring back some memories for me. Not from ever hearing these before, but I had a set as a kid that came in two books that each contained about 8 45s of bible stories. I think the adult on those was called Uncle Bob though. I'll have to dig them up at my Dad's and rip them some day.

"Jesus Is A Fraud" & "Dine On A Beagle"

"Jesus is a Fraud"
to the tune of "Here Comes Santa Claus"
"Dine on a Beagle"
to the tune of "Fly Like An Eagle"


Got the records today from my Dad's. They came from "Sacred Records" in Los Angelas, CA back in 1953. There are 10 45 rpm records in each book with 6 stories and about 24 songs in each book. Called "Children's Library Bible Stories And Songs" as told to Kathy and Bill by Uncle Earle. They're pretty cheesy but a rare set nontheless. Each record is a different color either green, yellow, red or black. I see ebay has several of the Aunt B and Children's Bible Hour records for sale. Oh well. Just an FYI update.

Princess Sparkle Pony

Hooray for Aunt B! And thanks, WFMU, I am very honored to be cited here.


Here's a few files I made from the record sets I had as a kid:

Children's Library Bible Stories and Songs

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