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April 24, 2007


Listener Kliph

Two photos are produced where?


Scroll up and see under "- Contributed by: Jonathan Ward" the text:

Images: Ortho!, Ortho!!

Links to large scans.


This is a classic! Had me laughing my ass off!

Duncan Walls

My Dad was a salesman for Ortho in the late 1950s and early 1960s for the 16 (as I remember it)westernmost counties of New York State. He took the job after bowing out of a transfer from Buffalo to Binghampton with Gerber Baby Foods because the housing market was too expensive in the Binghampton area for our family of 5. I was 10 in '61, my brother 7 and sister 4 and we rarely saw my Dad Monday through Thursday. When he could he would come home early on Friday if he had a good week. We moved to Fairport, NY outside of Rochester.

And yes, as you said, Ortho's mission was to spread contraception everywhere they could. My Dad was proud that he landed numerous new Doctors' accounts. He had a tie clip I remember well that said YCDBSOYA across its widt ( I think I still have it somewhere; it made an impression)...You Can Do Better Selling Ortho Year Around...I can't believe I remember that! He sold diaphragms and oral contraceptives and I remember he had cardboard boxes of 'cutaway' plastic models of the female torso from the side that was clear and obviously showed how to insert a diaphragm. Being the oldest and into models I asked what it was and as I was too young to know (soon enough I would know something) he said they were models of KNEES (which they kind of looked like). It satisfied my curiousity. Apparently there were a lot of Doctors promoting these to their patients that needed a teaching aid to demonstrate how to use them. He also sold Masse Cream, which was nipple cream for nursing mothers to ease their sore over-worked nipples. We used it as we would have used first aid cream which it was substitutable for, outside of being slightly yellow.
I remember seeing his paycheck for two weeks once. It was $209. I hope he got commission checks, too. I don't know how we made it except Mom started substitute teaching.

Dad kept the job with Ortho for about five years as I remember until he got his Master's in Education and started working at Rochester Institute of Technology as the Director of Student activities. That was a big change for him and us as he was home a lot more and we got to go to concerts at RIT that he helped book and he signed all the contracts for RIT and the students. But that's another story.

Jeremy Axon

i have a copy of this. i found it a couple of months ago in toronto. how it ended up here i have no idea, but i love it. i want to know what the letters on the cheerleaders on the sleeve spell! there's an E, an S, W and C...

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