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April 25, 2007



If it's a choice between hearing that again and watching a video of exploding blackheads in extreme closeup...

As one presenter (I forget which) of The Gong Show once said, "The well of nontalent is infinite."


This music is holy. I'm dying to hear the other recordings you found!


And he says "clap your feet" twice so it wasn't a mistake! Hilarious. By the way I think that keyboard's a Hohner Clavinet, which used to be considered pretty funky (Stevie Wonder's "Superstition" etc)...


I grew up in Saginaw and now live on the West Coast. There are two men who would probably know more about this group: The owner of the now-closed Records & Tapes on Court Street, and the owner of the also-closed LannyLand junk store. They could tell you about any local act of bygone days. I don't know enough about them to do a white pages search and Internets yields little.

Wisniewski is a fairly common name in Mid-Michigan. Some family may still reside on Saginaw's East Side.

A friend and fellow Saginaw Refugee, Gina, is working to gather more information from her regional sources. Track her progress on her blog 'I was born in Saginaw, Michigan.'

Bob Purse

I'm just getting to this one, but I gotta say, "Dust to Dust" is my favorite thing I've heard on this project this year. "Dust to Dust" is just insane.

David Noades

STOP PRESS! Please see the entry for Day 363, December 29 - Extras (after my Off The Peg compilation) for the other 4 Jim Dandy tracks taken from his other two Dadjo singles.

Someone out there must who this guy is, I'd love to know if he's still rercording. Thanks, David - [email protected]


I found a postcard in my Great-Grandmother's possession with Connie Radd on the front. On the back is says, "Compliments of Connie Radd, Fri-Sat-Sun at Apple Orchard M-13."

I am trying to locate info on this postcard. It is dated May 6, 1959 or 58. Saginaw, MI.


Mary Jo Wisniewski Johnston

Richie is my nephew, veritable genius in many areas. His father, my brother Conrad and wife Alpha had quite a following in the Saginaw area with their orchestra. Our family is very proud of all their accomplishments.


When I was a teen, I went with friends to the Apple Orchard on Sundays to hear Connie Radd and dance to their music. It was so much fun in those days.

Lydia Harris

so would any of these 45's be considered a holy grail of garage rock?

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