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April 26, 2007



"Expo" would be Expo '67, the Montreal World's Fair (fitting in with the Canadian reference), which continued for a second, lamer, year in 1968.

The 64-65 New York World's Fair was called (wait for it)... The New York World's Fair.


wow...what a segue.


I'm wondering if maybe it might even be Expo '86, which would be a better fit with the British Columbia reference. Maybe using archaic equipment at a World's Fair was a bold ironic statement?


Also: This would have made a much more interesting "Mrs. Doubtfire"

james (again)

Okay. The woman is in Windsor, Ontario. (Or possibly 'Darling' is there.) She is absolutely, 100%, most definitely talking about Expo '67 in Montreal, what with the St Lawrence and Gaspe mentions.


"Don't forget I love you, darling." Jeez, how could anybody forget this? WOW!


Weird how she got all hot and bothered and then started talking about the flowers. EEEWWWW!

strictly kev

incredible, it's like a jekyll and hyde moment captured on tape


I think, though obviously I can't be sure, but it sounds to me as if this was a tape for her husband who is in jail. It seems to me to be an explanation for the middle of the tape and also the detail mundane items. Perhaps convicts has access to tape machines in the 60's? I don't know but it would clear up some confusion.

The Listener

He's not in jail is he if he's walking to catch the train into the office and she's worried about the cold. He's married and he's given her the push. She can't let go. Especially not with her legs.

HitMe WithIt

hehe wow. I could not stop laughing so much when it suddenly turns into something er...a bit less mundane.
Haha. great.


Very interesting. But is it 'real'? Pea has invented seemingly old home-made tapes before.


If it's not real, it's been kicking around as a fake for a while. This was online a few years ago on some random mp3 site labeled as "dirty_talk!!!.mp3" Never thought I'd hear it again!

pea hix

hi, rest assured, it's real... i certainly couldn't manufacture something like this... and yes, for a long time it was posted as "dirty talk" on my friend jason's site. it's the exact same mp3 as this one, i had just come to call it "nubbin" instead, in the meantime.

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