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April 27, 2007



You're probably right that they're of Taiwanese origin. It sounds like the children are speaking Mandarin. Although they share the same dialect as the official language of China, the text printed is the traditional form of Chinese characters, which Taiwan has retained for the most part. China uses simplified characters which have been established and formalized by their government since the 1950s.


The title of the recording is "Wonderful Childhood, vol. 1" compiled by Wen Longxin and Su Shuying. I'll do my best...many of them are European classical pieces, in which case I may translate them wrong since I may not be able to identify the piece and know the correct title.
Cassette 1, Side A
1. Lullaby (Schubert)
2. "Meditation" from Thais [Massenet]
3. Prelude [to what??]
4. Little Raindrops
5. Moment musical (Schubert)
6. Clear Stream
7. Milk Sandwich
8. Rondo (Beethoven)
9. Symphony, op. 40, mvt. 2 (Mozart)
10. Wild Rose


Cassette 1, Side B
1. Lullaby (Brahms)
2. Humoresque (Dvorak)
3. The Swallow
4. Spring is Here
5. Fur Elise
6. Ripples on the Danube [Blue Danube waltz?]
7. The Cuckoo
8. [not sure how to translate...apparently refers to the time of year before grain has ripened]
9. Nocturne, op. 9 no. 1 (Chopin)
10. Lullaby (Mozart)
11. On the Wings of Song


Cassette 2, Side A
1. Mama
2. Spring Mountains and Rivers
3. Toy Symphony
4. Little Turtle
5. Minuet (Bach)
6. Little Bubbles
7. Rondo (Beethoven)
8. The Happy Farmer
9. Eine kleine nachtmusik (Mozart)
10. The Bodhi Tree

Side B
1. Dreams
2. The Lovable Family
3. Jasmine Blossom
4. March
5. Little Crow
6. Silent Night
7. The Brave Knight
8. Golden Wedding
9. Romance (Beethoven)
10. Song of Spring


One more and then I'm calling it quits for me and I can send the rest without spamming the blog!
Cassette 3, Side A (just titles)
1. Tadpole
2. Mail Carriage
3. Quiet Forest
4. Hey Little Green Frog!
5. Wagtail
6. Busy Bees
7. Robots Matching Strength [awesome!]
8. Two Tigers
9. Fantasia capriccio
10. Little Brother
11. Where are My Friends? [my theme song?]
12. Lullaby

Side B
1. Ave Maria [I think?]
2. The Sun is Up
3. I'm a Little Teapot
4. Minuet
5. Little Bunny
6. ["main theme" from something...I'm not getting what the foreign-sounding word in the title refers to]
7. What Do You Want to Eat?
8. Reverie
9. Mother Duck and Ducklings
10. Mama, Tell a Story!
11. Children's Dreamland

Hellbound Alleee

03 Cassette 2 Side A Track 3 is Papa Mozart's (Wolfgang's dad's) "Toy Symphony."


Standout tracks for me are:

Cassette 3 - Side B - track 2 (The Sun Is Up)
Cassette 3 - Side B - track 10 (Mama, Tell a Story!)
Cassette 4 - Side A - track 1
Cassette 5 - Side B - track 8

Anonymous Fan

Dang, these came from the actual tapes? Nice - i haven't heard cassette rips quite this clean or crisp since, well, ever! Some of the songs are actually cd-comparable with their quality. Nice.

Lumi Kartuuni

Hi, I want to thank you for this. And if you ever, just accidentally happen to digitalize cassette 3, I would love to have some or all of the tracks sent to my e-mail. I think the titles of those songs are so great I think I will spend eternity trying to track them down, or just keep wondering what "I'm A Teapot", "Mother Duck And Ducklings", "Robots Matching Strength" or "Children's Dreamland" sound like...

My favourites are 08, 09, 11, 15, 19...


thank you and i miss those the way,the song 19's name should be Tricycle.

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