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April 30, 2007



Quirky, yet irresistibly catchy. Interesting take on "Hallelujah"; it's my personal favorite. Sparse arrangements, but the accordion comp fills out the mix very well.


Entertaining stuff for sure. Give her credit for referencing the Dardenelles, too.


BONUS: Visit CaptainOT's website, A Christmas Yuleblog for more Kay Martin! Direct Link to KM post.

From there you'll want to visit the Groove Grotto to download Kay's first album "Kay Martin & Her Body Guards" and her Christmas album "I Know What He Wants For Christmas... but I don't know how to wrap it!".

Patrick Hotchkiss


I am Jess Hotchkiss's son. (Kay martin's step son). I was really surprised to find this sight. My dad died in 1982. Kay is still alive and living in Reno. At the height of my dad's career, they were the number 2 lounge act in the US. It is really unbelievable to hear my dad on your site 25 years after his death. thank you so much

Patrick Hotchkiss

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