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April 03, 2007



It's "The Art of Heart Auscultation" (see the entry for May 3 - for veterinarians!

And speaking of which:

"iPods Help Docs Improve Stethoscope Skills"

Cornslaw Industries (Colin)

My friend (whose dad is a vet) gave this record to me a couple of years ago. It remains one of the strangest records in my personal collection. Thanks for this one.

David Noades

Hey I love this guy's voice, he sounds like a cross between Elmer Fudd and Peter Lorre (sort-of Austro-labiodental). I'd love him to be my dog's vet, except I don't have a dog. And those heart beat sounds, so much softer than you expect them to be. Quite lovely. Almost soothing in a way.

Andrew Ettinger

This is my Dad'd record! Thanks for listing it!

veterinary hospital

Such sounds are rare to be heard. Thanks for all!

- Mathew J.

Sarasota MLS

I love this Voice. Canine Heart Sounds main influences are non-musical. Nobody really knows what influences Zach, Ben or the two Matts. Dan however has gone on record about his affinity for Gary Paulsen novels, and he even likes Brian's Winter which was a slap in the face to all of those who enjoyed Hatchet, because it speculates on what would have happened if the young Brian would have to endure the harsh winter in the wilderness instead of being saved when he found the emergency transmitter.

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