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April 16, 2007


fatty jubbo

that voice is like a wailing siren! I love their little chair dancing at the end. what the hell is that woman clutching in her lap?


"she insane, her mind aint good, becaue the penis done ejaculated all in her brain". . . . priceless.


Shrimp's 2.99 at Long John Silver -! I'm gonna go fill my raectum.


3:30-3:45 > this is freakin amazing
i have this crazy idea that some guy cheated on this woman/
a rectum full of a strangers sperm sounds like a wild time/


She got a master's degree in T.M.I.

Dale Hazelton

Hittin' the bottom? The cat's out of the bag now!

TMI is the new thing these dayz

She was a wild way of puttin' it...but she's making sense...

H Heffner

There IS ALOT of truth in what she is saying if you are honest with yourself and your experiences.


You may laugh but how many woman out there have a good man at home as she put it, but still feel the need to sneak around and she knows what she is doing is wrong? What makes them risk everything (home, family, friends etc.)? It happens more often than is admitted. I've had a married women who was obsessed with me and she had it all at home and she even admitted that sex with her husbands was still good, I was just different. Basically what it comes down to is that women are better at being discrete than married men are. Shady times we live in.


I am so glad that the secrets of the universe have FINALLY been explained!


If I only i had learned this info. years ago,,, I wouldn't have married a man,,, I would have become lezbo....


i have to see more of this. really.


I am gonna stayed prayed up too

David Park

wow, she is lucid


I respect her because she shows in expression that this has happen to her and or someone close... more so, I respect her because infact, this is somewhat true in many cases and definitely in many ways! In my opinion this is very educational for both men & women to learn from and to be ever watchful of. For the women it should provide understanding and sight etc. For the men it should provide respect in self and for the woman, also to project a mirror reflect to him his sinful, selfish, mean & degrading attributes, but overall teach both to respect self first and secondly the partner of whom he or she joins in bed.


Penis Power------Jack Rabbit and Pretzel twisting! OMG


Holy shee-it. They sayin' all this an' keepin a straight face. Word to the academy.... Lovin this....and Sanjay done got booted off....there is a god, or at least a few....


Could she perhaps give me the number of the dude she's talking about....PLEASE???


And all because he would buy a plate of shrimp...

.. And this man won't even buy you some shrimp from Long John Silvers? And what that plate? 2.99?.."


Anyania Muse

Ok people I don't care how funny we all think this is you better understand that she did not tell not one single LIE.............she said she had no degree but she obviously knows what the hell she is talking about. I SAY SPEAK THE TRUTH....................she is funny even if she don't mean to be REALITY CHECK...............LADIES, REALITY CHECK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


That's the biggest belt buckle I have ever seen!


don't let me meet this woman. I might just give her what she wants.


"I'm a country girl...and a jack rabbit jump from here to there..." LMAO.


She forgot this one..."Oh baby you know you love it when I'm all up in dem guts." I have a feeling one of those ladies has recently been played and the other one never ever laid.


I find your genital assertations Incredibly amusing. Dam Alexyss. Why did you let him hurt you so bad?

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