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April 16, 2007


Goddess reincarnate



I have reposted video on youtube heres new link


This woman sounds like ME! She spit a tsunami of truth in those couple of minutes. While I'm certain that the majority are taken aback by her intensity, it's a topic that more need to hear and let it marinate "all up in the VAGINA". lol

MY personal favorite: "He breakin her down man" "Wit a *peynus* all up in your vagina you don't have no defenses"

Much respect

Eddie Trojan

Question. If you get sperm on woman's mind would she then call you the next because you were on her mind.


Courtesy of the fine folks at metafilter, here is a transcript of the video:

as brought to you by
Metafilter: The Bottom of Your Vagina

Alexyss Tylor:...of some of the things I'm talking about, because if you really wanna earn your man you need to learn your man, and a lot of the time we get caught up with the wrong man, or caught up in a man's penis power because it's good - I mean, if a man has been around and he's a ho, especially like the ones I'm talking about, they're hopping from here, here, and there - they have a lot of practice and they know a woman's body, they know the power of their penis, and they know how to soothe her body and to soothe her vagina, so it's really easy to be caught up with that dog kind of man, like that one girl asked me, "Well why…" - she thought something was wrong with her because she liked the flashy guys with the jewelry. I said there's nothing wrong with liking a flashy man, you just have to know what kind of spirit and energy he's carrying, cause there are some good men, although they still like to flash, they're not whores and they don't give their penis to everybody. You have to be able to recognize them, because the man that is living to ejaculate? He's in a predator mode. And when a man is in a predator mode, he's going to look for the weaknesses of a woman - a woman that's lonely, her vagina is cold, she's laying in bed at night playing with her toys, or she's got a man beside her, he's a good provider, but he's not hitting the walls and working the middle like that dog that she's been having that sneaky sex with.

Mother: What drives a woman to... toys?

Alexyss Tylor: Because, like I said, she needs the vagina penetration. A lot of women are hooked on having clitoral stimulation. You have an outer orgasm with your clitoris, but also you have inner orgasms, inside, the intra-vagina, inside the vagina walls, hidden g-spots, and every woman's g-spot may be similar or some women may have more than one g-spot, so some women are actually hooked on cum. And I mean there's women that can be at work, at their desk, they got the jackrabbit on - it's a part you can buy, hook it onto your clitoris all throughout the day, and you can be having orgasms...

Mother (interrupting): Jackrabbit?

Alexyss Tylor: …one of them, I know they call...I knew some girls, that was their favorite product - that was their favorite best buddy they keep in their pocketbook...

Mother: See, I go back to, when I was a little girl being raised in the country - jackrabbit jump from here to there.

Alexyss Tylor (interrupting): Yeah, well, you're talking about the rabbits out...


Mother: Jump! Jump! No, I ain't talking about no real rabbit, but a rabbit in nature jump from here to there, just constantly moving.

Alexyss Tylor: Yes and they say they have taken that same concept of the rabbit jumping from here to there - the design of it - it jumps all up on the clitoris, just jump out of control and make the woman have an incredible orgasm.

Mother: We are living in the twenty-first century.

Alexyss Tylor: That's the mechanical jackrabbit for the clit.


Alexyss Tylor: Some men, they have so much heat and intensity in their penis that you can feel it radiating through their clothes, just to touch the penis, it's on fire, it feels like it's fire underneath the skin. So a lot of women start going crazy, they actually think, cause all penises are not created equal and they don't hold the same level of intensity. So if there's one hot like that and he has the energy, he knows how to work his hips, work his buttocks, and really twist her and bend her like she's a pretzel and give her the gratification she needs, she's going to be hooked and think that that's love, or a deeper root level, she's going to become sexually, mentally, and emotionally attached - although he ain't no good, and this other man she's with, provides for her, takes care of children that ain't even his - that woman will still sneak and get that penis power from him, but what she doesn't realize is, we have to deal with our attachments and separate the love, the orgasm, and the penis. They are separate issues. Cause if we are in a lower level of it, and we hooked on the penis power, and this man won't even buy you some shrimp from Long John Silver's - and what, that plate, what, $2.99?

Well he give you a mouthful of sperm and a rectum full of sperm and he gonna get a light ring (?). It’s like, we have to see what our issue is, because a man like that doesn’t respect a woman. Yeah he’ll hit her, but if a man is having sex with you and he had an opportunity to be with you or he’s a ex so that means he had you before the other man that’s providing for you could get to you, and all he’s offering you is a side of penis when he can sneak in and out of your man bed and out your man house. That man ain’t got no respect for you and he know you don’t have none for yourself but because you’re so hooked on him and you hooked on the penis you will sacrifice and sell yourself out to let him come in the back door or let him come at lunch or come in the dark when your real man don’t have the same penis power is handling all the expenses so a woman think she’s getting over and thinking “oh that’s the best sex” she really playing herself and he playin’ her. Cause it ain’t about her, it’s about his ego and about his penis and his testicles and about how many notches he can get up on his belt to brag about.


Alexyss Tylor: Remember, that’s why I was sayin’ on the other show, don’t let every man hit the bottom of your vagina, the root of your vagina, and you…

Mother: They don’t know about the bottom. They don’t know about the bottom.

Alexyss Tylor: Yeah that bottom, but see every man might not know, because he might not have a penis to really know how to hit that bottom, or how to lift or hit that bottom and work that middle with a woman, she spread her legs wide and she start screaming, sayin’, “yeah daddy, that’s it,” or she might start cursin’ or screaming out all types of profanities ‘cause he doesn’t hit the bottom, and now her mind – she insane, her mind ain’t good because the penis done ejaculated all in her brain. She’s gone crazy. So you don’t let every man hit your bottom, and your body remembers it. Just like a man’ll put a woman over doggy style or maybe get a mirror or somethin’, then they start hittin’ that woman from the back, or from the back they hittin’ her. Then they start talkin’. They start sayin’ all kinda stuff to her while they hittin’ her, and see that woman is being seduced, she bein’ seduced, he breakin’ her down, man, he is screwin’ her into submission! He’s screwin’ her into slavery by using the penis as a weapon to break her ass down! And… and her defenses, I mean she wide open. With a penis all up in your vagina, man you don’t have no defenses! Unless you just really are thinking, and this is not about the love experience, this is about a money experience, or she’s a prostitute, then she’s working it just for her benefit. But when a woman’s really liking this man and she’s feelin’ him and what he’s doin’, ’specially if she’s sneakin’ around with him and he has nothin’ to give her and her man is treatin’ her better than he is, he has already got her defenses down but she’s very weak. And that’s the worst thing that can happen, is a man to get you and while he’s thrustin’ the penis in and out, who who who is it? Whose vagina is it? Who it belong to? What I say, who, who? And then the woman start callin’ out the man’s name, screamin’ the man’s name, then she let him know she comin’, when she comin’ she hollerin, she callin’ for him, man this stuff is programmed all up in this woman’s vagina, rectum, uterus, all up in this mind right here, and that will actually bind her, actually reduce her to a cum freak.

So if she can’t get to him she’ll slip him in, and then that’s where the jackrabbits and all the different-size penises and dildos come in because she is tryin’ to… she’s rememberin’ and tryin’ to recapture that experience, and that’s why I said you don’t let want to everyone hit that bottom, you don’t want to let everybody spank you and talk to you all kind of ways because women, they… especially when their man pullin’ back and won’t give you the penis no more, women will be all in the bed at night, tryin’ to sleep, tossin’ and turnin’, they dreamin’ about it, lord have mercy they wake up out of their sleep because they dreamt that their man done did this to somebody else, and the thought of that you know is devastatin’, that woman’s heart get to beatin’ fast, blood pressure go up she can’t hardly catch her breath, just to think about that man has rationed that out and laid that out for somebody else and bent them over and talked to them too, and spanked them?

Mother: [indecipherable]


Alexyss Tylor: [… ] and I don’t have any PhDs and masters degrees to put on my wall in academia, but I have a masters degree in being played by men, used by men, told everything I want to hear to get me into the positions, and I am… to be honest with you, I’m just gonna be real about it, I’m very upset by being made a fool out of and bein’…


Alexyss Tylor: We’re about to close now, but is there somethin’… ‘cause I didn’t, I didn’t let you talk very much – you let me talk. Say what you want to say for the closing, go ahead and say what you want to say [laughing], I’m sorry!

Mother: The only thing I can say is that again, I’ve learned something that I didn’t know. And I’m definitely gonna be on the watchout ‘cause I know what’s out there, it’ll come atcha, and from what you’re sayin’ it comin’ atcha with all full force, all this power comin’ atcha, then a girl ain’t got a chance! So I’m gonna have to stay prayed up!

Alexyss Tylor: Yeah, we have to know who we are; we got to know our role.

Mother: I got to keep standing in the Lord. I got to ask Jesus to keep me every day.

Alexyss Tylor: Thank you for watching the Alexyss Tylor Show, and we’ll see you next time with more of… Vagina Power!


Mother: Peace.


Penis/Vagina Power Remixed!

Yeah, Daddy, that's it!


LMAO!!! stay prayed up!!!

Station Manager Ken

Way to go Norelprof! Break that shit DOWN!





I love how she rocks out at the end to that cheeeezy music and the sheer joy she displays when saying "vagina power." This is priceless!

"A lot of times we get cauwght up in a man's penis power because it's GOOD!"

"what drives a woman to toyyys?"

Robert Ryan

I vow to hit the walls and work the middle now and forever!



I second that! I want her to pass on to me that no good man she was talking about with the PEYNIS POWER...who will work the middle, and twist me like a pretzel...who's heat is coming outside his pants!!!

YEAH!!!! OH F*** YEAH!!!!!!!!!!! lol

Black news magazine.com

Put her on my site soon


I like her CNN style professional hand gestures. If you watch it with the sound off it looks like she's talking about global warming on 360 with Anderson Cooper.


If only this vital information could be formatted and presented to all young women, across the world!!! We, as women, need to take heed to this. Although this is hilarious... it's the TRUTH! If you listen to what she's saying, this applies to women of all nationality and/or race. Ladies... view more of this on YouTube and not only will you laugh hysterically, but you will be enlightened if you haven't been already. Search by her name or Vagina Power.


may i present the jackrabbit remix?

Steve PMX

she kinda sounds like jesse jackson when she says "penis"

John Perfetti

"Sex is simple as long as you acknowledge and accept several facts. First, there is power in the penis. It is not the power assigned to a judge or a king; it does not even hold rank. The penis, in fact, is a socialist. It does its part. It has the same power a screwdriver has (forgive the analogy). It holds the power to accomplish, to do. Second, there is no power in the in the vagina or the rectum. The vagina and the rectum are merely holes and passageways. They are passageways by nature. They are holes by form. "-John Perfetti



She's comedic
but not funny.

imagine the same dialog
monique's delevery?!
hello def vagina monlouge jam!!


This dialog has been very informative for me. I am an older man and I never realized why women would dog out the good guys and love the bad ones. Thanks to you, now I truly understand. Everybody who hears this dialog should take it very serious. She needs to be on Oprah. Good guys are losing out and don't even know it!


Although I believe what she's saying has some validity, I have only had ONE man to truly hit the bottom (in college). Most men tend to brag without producing results. Therefore, I await the day this happens! The penis has only the power a vagina allows it to have. Still, this is of much interest and could likely take place for the LONELY heart.

Charlie C.

Now nobody get pissed off... just a happy old white dude passing through.... I'm just laughing my circa-1968 ass off so hard I think my prostate is gonna work right for the next 10 weeks... I'll be pissin like a teenager (you really do have to be an old guy to get that)!

And Gods bless you, ** lynae ** . I have this vision of Anderson Cooper of 360 trying to explain this, professional hand gestures and all!!!

So somebody wanna tell me what I've been doing living my life as Acolite of the Little Pink Goddess all these years? Was I somehow misguided? Women of all races, especially those that include men who just don't appreciate these fine things, seem to warmly approve?!

I am truly fortunate. Fuck-Me Feminism had saved me from all manner of awful fates at the hands of Pissed Off 50-something feminists of my generation, so I'm not bitching.

Poor me thought, I was the victim of a 'random hookup' by a twenty-something just-off-boat Irish woman fresh from UCD (Dublin, not Davis), I think intrigued by an American who would was fool enough to get trained in hated Scotland and England. Old dogs know lots 'o tricks and she discovered Aritha Franklin followed by Santana on VINAL.

Just hours ago she exclaimed, "Jesus, Mary & Joseph, THAT'S the way it SHOULD be done, now COME HERE and bring one of those special faggs wit' ya..." So MY bottom-prober has been getting cold (smetimes) all these years whilest The Little Pink Goddess got her due, but I don't remember it or my hostess complaining once. There's always a secondary and (quote) Well, it's just different (end-quote) workout later!

Oh, and Kim, while I have no anomosity for the owners of those monster-probers or the partners who love 'em, I once attended a lot more college women complaining of pain and other unpleasentness than probably regularly appreciate vigerous deep bottom pounding. Personally, I always had the feeling I was drilling for old! Any complaints about the ones closer to the inner quartiles?

I'm being forcd to sign this thus -- at the end of a loaded Irish Nipple, and being regularly OUCH poked with of my lit "special faggs...." OUCH damnit! If you get this, I am being held hostage, please save me, but don't bring the authorities. Just come alone with a few unmarked bills, good rum and lots of diet pepsi.

Yours, Just an Amerian MB FRCS in New York (actually in San Francisco) - somehow that's funny, something to do with an Englisghman in New York. Don't ask.... hay, this was MY post and over here we call that Bogarting MY "special fagg!!" OUCH, shit not THERE DAMNIT.
-- DCC, underpaid doctor to the unappreciative, self-destructive, and violent masses. OUCH, G'ME THAT THING! Oh I hope they deport your ass....


She was one the money! That bottom; it's something & nothing to play with.

jane doe

Charlie, your post was hilarious, ever took a walk on the chocolate side?? GET AT ME...once you go black you will be throwing rocks (the blarney stone) at your irish woman.


I am truly fortunate. Fuck-Me Feminism had saved me from all manner of awful fates at the hands of Pissed Off 50-something feminists of my generation, so I'm not bitching.

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