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April 12, 2007


Listener Mike D.

A painful reminder of why its so crucial that FMU owns its building...


Sad to say, you're seeing the end of a long process that started in the mid 80's and now is reaching it's limiting condition. The folks who can afford those 1/2 million dollar studio apts. don't want to hear new music or see new art. They want to get drunk in bars, buy shoes, and eat at chain style restaurants. Which is sort of what you see when you wander around the city these days. I have a lot of fond memories of this place, and I'm glad I lived here, but I wish I had left around 2000 or shortly thereafter 'cause that was the closing bell. Time to find the next place, if there is such a thing, or a peaceful place at least...


My wife and I are among some many multiple hipsters having fled NYC... for you guessed it... Berlin.
New York is definitely contracting in on itself, like a large red giant star that, instead of going super nova, shrinks into a white dwarf star (very dense, and cosmically speaking, very boring).
But I am encouraged by one fact... NYC has always, throughout its history, grown to some glorious height, crumbled down, and then phoenix-like, sprouts something else comes from its ashes.
This is a special quality unique to New York. Something cool will arise again, long after the rich and boring become tired with their lofts... One day they to will leave the city to head out to mountains, (following the next big real-estate craze) and the city will vacate... interesting people will return (drawn in by cheap rents) and voile! New York is back on it's game.

I too fear we are witnessing the beginning of a long and dull period in New York's History....plenty of room in Berlin though... the Winter suck and people here can be rude...
But it's reasonable chaotic, under-policed and reasonably safe!



Maybe this is off topic, slightly, but I often suspect that these condos are built as a means of generating jobs for the construction industry, and that there aren't enough people in NYC who can afford to live in them.
I'm a native new yorker who has recently become a parent, while I look upon growing up in grimy NYC in the 70s and 80s very fondly, it is no longer the city I know, and I'm not sure I want to raise my son in a city that is becoming more of a mall than a center of culture and the arts.


This is truly sad.

I have long dreamt of moving to NYC (maybe it is an irrational dream). I would count myself among those of you who cannot afford to live there.

I guess it is then good news for me that the culture is being gentrified out of existence... I don't particularly want to live in a mall.

Then again, I don't want to live in Helsinki the rest of my life either. Despite sounding good on paper, getting the arts funded and supported by the state is probably not such a good idea. Apart from keeping it artificially alive, it just kind of builds resentment from other non-art supporters, if you get my drift.

That was what made (and come on, still makes) NYC special. The arts, music and different lifestyles thrived because they grew where they could.

If you just get the city to pay for an "experimental music" venue, you'll just get rules, rules, rules.


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