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April 13, 2007



the great thing about these is. . . if you leave them unlocked at the quick-E-Mart, who the hells gonna steal it? They'd break their neck trying to drive it off, or break their back trying to lift it onto a flatbed truck, and then of course, what do ya DO with it once you've stolen it? You cant drive it around town because everyone would recognize it.

Nick the Bard

I'm surprized no one's tried converting one of these things into a Buzz Boar yet.

Or made a website to brag about it anyway...

Steve PMX

When I see this I can't help but think of that South Park episode....

Listener Trish

And another modern take on the design that looks like a cross between a skateboard and a windsurfer, without the sail.

Photos and video:

They should rig some kind of sail to it. And add some bicycle brakes.


That big blind spot right in the direction your heading has got to be a bitch.


McLean's Wheel showed up at the beach I was at last fall.
It appeared as what looked like a silver pole gliding swiftly down the hill towards us. As he made the turn I could see it was a large wheel. He came to a stop gracefully in the parking lot and a large crowd soon gathered to get a closer look at this most unusual vehicle. Much to my surprise it was street legal, and had a moped license plate to prove it. This was a good thing since he had been riding it across the State of Michigan all weekend to raise money for a charity fund raiser. Kerry was very friendly, and let my 2 year old daugher sit on it. Apparently he had first heard of the idea while taking a Black Smith Class. T

Good luck to Kerry, and his "do it yourself" attitude!


This is a very unique ride, and it surely rocks. By inventing this kind of vehicle it will certainly help lessening the traffics (is there any?) in your place.

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