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April 11, 2007



When I moved to San Francisco in 1999, one of the first celeb sightings I had was sitting on the 71 Haight bus directly across from Gary Floyd. Boy was I dying to say something to him, or at least sing that Butthole Surfers song to him, but I didn't. "Kill From the Heart" is one of my all-time favorite punk rock songs, and somehow seeing Gary in all his chubby, black-spectacled glory told me that I was in the right place.

Now why the hell did I move back to NJ??

Mike Lupica

William, that is so awesome to hear! I didn't want to include this story in the main post because it would only have detracted from the issue at hand, but "Kill from the Heart" is one of my alltime top songs as well. Funnily, it was also a source of extreme frustration for me because I first taped it off of WPRB when I was in high school, but missed the DJs mic break so I didn't know who it was by until years later when I randomly picked up a Dicks LP.


Back when I was in junior high ('77-'80), PRB had a Sunday night Midnight-5 a.m. show that was almost exclusively punk singles. For a while, I lived for that broadcast and would be very tired or late to school on Monday mornings, 'cause I didn't want to miss a thing. It was the first place I heard the "California Uber Alles" single, "Punish or Be Damned" by The Screamers, and so many other great records of that era.


inquiring minds want to know who was the DJ of the punk singles show...or at least male or female?


Sorry, I cannot recall the DJ of the PRB show, but I suspect that it may have been helmed by different people from week to week...not really sure.

Mike Lupica

I forwarded this thread to some old PRB acquaintences who are currently engaging in behind-the-scenes brainstorming as to who may have hosted this mysterious punk singles show of which Captain Berger speaks. All that has been learned so far is that there were only a few DJs fighting WPRB's prog-leaning programming of that day, and all were thusly relegated to late night timeslots.

Ken Katkin

Hi. I became involved with WPRB in the mid-1980s. I'm not sure about who would have hosted that show in 1977-1980, but I do know that around 1980 a Princeton undergrad named Mark Dickinson started a midnight hardcore show called "The Decline and Fall." Mark hailed from Los Angeles and had been a teenaged participant in the burgeoning 1970s L.A. hardcore scene. His show covered pretty much all California punk rock (NoCal and SoCal) and also whatever else he could find that was aesthetically consistent. Eventually "The Decline and Fall" was taken over by Crucial Youth bass player Krishna Jain, and later by another Princeton student named Ethan "Eddie Mosh" Stein. Before Mark Dickinson, the only punk WPRB figures I can think of would have been Evie Ward and/or Tom Burka. The iconoclastic Mr. Burka's attitudes were very punk, but his musical tastes were more wide-ranging. Evie Ward, who also DJ'd at WPRB before 1980, was probably better characterized as a new-waver than a punk, but new-wave had it all over what most WPRBers were playing during the station's dark prog days.

p.s. It's nice to know that our then-humble college station was a formative influence on the fabulous William Berger!

p.p.s. Today, Mark Dickinson is a nationally-known astrophysicist!

Control Rat X

Glad the Dicks and "Hate" moved you. Your comment on Texas in the 80s is humorous because outside of Houston, Austin was about the most tolerant place you could be gay in the state. There were SO many gays and lesbians in the Austin punk scene, being out was hardly a revolutionary act. Gary and others fostered in me very healthy attitudes about the LGBT world and about authority.

Thank you for filling in the West Coast memories, guys!

sid bators

LOVED the Dicks, Pat Duncan hooked me up with a copy of their show at Patrix in New Brunswick which I was at and STILL listen to.

speaking of old local punk radio, does anyone remember Daniel Martin Cooney from WSOU?

Pinball King

Aww, WFMU has never played "Kill From the Heart". Now I can't hear it!


I actually attended the Mudhoney concert when this live recording was made - I believe you can see the back of my head at some point in the video. What a hilarious surprise to see it as I was surfing through this blog! Thanks for the post.


I am pleased to report that Daniel Martin Cooney is alive and well and living in Northern NJ.
He is married to a beautiful Monkey and has a fine young Tiger for a son.
He was quite pleased to see that sid bators has not forgotten him.
Remember him?
Its been 28 years since then and I still haven't found a way to GET HIM TO LEAVE ME ALONE!!!

Daniel Martin Cooney

Wow. Daniel Martin Cooney. I was researching some of my favorite old punk songs and he came into mind. I did a google on his name and this came up. Yes, Daniel Martin Cooney was an excellent d.j. I was about 12 when I listened to his show and used to rate the songs he played. I still have the lists somewhere! I wrote him a letter with a request to drop a bomb on select topics which he did, playing Anthrax by the
Gang of Four. He then sent me a drawing of his infamous worm with his Clash lunchbox. Remember...candy is dandy, liquor is quicker but sex won't rot your teeth! Glad to hear he is doing well. Lots of fond memories of that show!

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