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April 16, 2007



If this is where I think it is you are a few miles from me here in my office. Howdy neighbor, be careful.


Wow. When I lose touch with someone, I don't fuck around. Crazy stuff.


I hope this is more of an adventure than a calamity for you, but at least you're still connected to the internet. Someday, this will be a memory that you can recall to remind yourself that things could be worse. Great pictures.


Howdy Bartelby, how's it going?

Hey Jim, haven't seen you in awhile, how's it going?

Hey Ted, thanks - so far it's been adventurous and not calamitous, thanks for asking.


i like how you say me and "a kid." i think if i ever have children of my own and someone asks their name i'll just say "oh, some boy or some girl."


Well Babu, if you do have a kid I think you'll be surprised at some of the stuff you find yourself doing.


As the rain poured down, you were on my mind.
"Scott must be in a lot of trouble" I thought to myself.
Glad to hear your typical good nature has prevailed.

They said we'd have jet packs by now.

Where are the fucking jet packs to solve problems like this?????


Apparently, the jet packs are in Mexico. For sale cheap, too!

Listener Trish

Coulda been worse- a storm sewer could have exploded on your way to work.

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