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April 05, 2007


Listener Sharon

Taxidermy you say? If it's a real taxidermy cane toad then it must be Bronwyn's.


Dad Blast it! You beat me Sharon...that must belong to Bronwyn.


Well, you're both wrong. Though I can easily understand the desire for it to Bronwyn's - it just isn't so.

Listener Sharon

Uh oh! TWO taxidermy afficionados at WFMU. Guess I won't be bringing any small animal friends by the station anytime soon.


Suddenly, the fine points of the rules escape me;
can I guess again? If so, Pseu Braun?

Brian B.

Could it be Dorian's? She has some weird taxidermy friends.


Nope, not there. You know, there is another obvious guess.


Obvious guess? I have no idea. X-Ray?

michael c

as a weird taxidermy friend, I say Bethany

Scott D.

Something about it said "Mike Lupica" to me, but if there is something "obvious" about the owner, let's say that the inflatable toad carcass belongs to Rich Hazelton.


Terre T?


I'm guessing Mac again. I always guess Mac, and I'm always wrong. But one of these days it's got to be him.


Rob Weisberg?


Congratulations Scott D! Exactly, the inflatable cane toad carcass does indeed belong to Mullah Rich. email me and we'll make arrangements to send you some swag.

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