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April 19, 2007



What is it?

Listener Paul

Is this object owned by the same person who owns the notebook?

Is it Dave the Spazz?


Indeed, we are still attempting to guess the owner of the notebook. As a matter of fact, the same person does own this ring. Here's who it's definitely NOT: Trouble \ Joe Belock \ Hatch \ Diane Kamikaze \ Irwin \ Fabio \ Bryce \ Maria \ Bill Zurat \ Liz Berg \ Stork \ Scott \ Billy Jam \ Charlie \ Rich Hazelton \ Dave Emory \ Brian Turner \ Tom Scharpling \ Doug Schulkind \ Professor Dum Dum \ Mr Finewine \ Bob Brainen \ Mac \ Michael Shelley \ Terre T \ Belinda \ Ed Shepp \ Dorian \ Ken \ Bronwyn \ Kenny G \ Irene \ Dave Mandl \ Ergo Phizmiz \ Dave the Spazz, or any female DJ, or any weekend DJ, or any DJ currently off-air. That leaves 12 possible DJs - GO!


Mike Lupica?


Andy Breckman?


We're done! BARTELBY, congratulations, both the supercute notebook and the wacky wedding ring belong to Mike Lupica. Drop me an email to arrange for getting some swag out to you, then get back to work, you!

Mike Lupica

Full disclosure: Many of my fellow freeformers here at WFMU use composition notebooks to write down notes on songs they've played or jot down ideas for upcoming radio programs. I've been meaning to start doing this for years, but I never remember this when I'm in a place where such notebooks are sold. Recently, while on an otherwise mundane grocery expedition with my wife, I remembered that I wanted one and then threw a minor hissy when it became apparent that the local supermarket did not sell what I was looking for. I lamented this fact to my wife, who said: "Stop crying you sissy, I have a notebook at home that you can have." When we got home, that's the notebook she gave me and I now cart it back and forth from my home to the radio station every week for my show.


Nice story, Hazelton.

Cheese Snob Wendy

What's Fozzie Bear doing in Mike Lupica's wedding ring? I can't figure out the picture. Ow, my brain.

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