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April 16, 2007



I'd be willing to predict that in less than 24 hours, "Mudslide On Sinatra Lane" is going to be the lead-in song for at least one Jersey extremo metal band's upcoming CD. Maybe even the title.

Jeez, and I thought only we Californians had to worry about mudslides


I guess that was the large portion of the sirens I heard last night. I surprised I didn't see it from here in Jersey City, though.


Sorry about that, Ken. That always seems to happen when everyone here in Brooklyn flushes at the same time. We'll try to stagger it out some in the future.


I was watching a little bit of "The Day After Tomorrow" this weekend, then switched to the news during a commercial break to see shots of flooding and driving rain in Boston, NYC, etc. . . . the uhhh . . . "juxtaposition" (or I guess "similarity") was unsettling.

Now we just wait for the abandoned Russian freighter to float up 5th ave.

Listener Bell

Of course, as the owner of two dogs, my first thought is, how and where are you walking Olive? It's gotta be extra tough for her with no anal sacs to keep her afloat.

Listener Sharon

But Ken, what DID you find in the basement of WFMU this morning? The suspense is killing me!

Station Manager Ken

Amazingly enough, the basement of FMU hardly flooded at all. Since our entire block in Jersey City rests on a bubbling bed if sewage, I expected to find the station buried deep in Jersey City's finest. But it was not to be. There was merely a bit of groundwater thay didn't even cover the entire basement floor. The problem I had at home in Hoboken was that one of my three pumps broke.

Listener Sharon

Glad to hear nothing but water bubbled up at FMU. Our Brooklyn basement had a minor puddle that dissipated by itself by Monday evening. Ah basements, full of stuff that is too good to throw out, but not important enough to merit a better storage location!

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