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April 20, 2007



Rough summary:
It's a meeting of Polluters Anonymous. Each one of them tells stories of how much they used to enjoy polluting the planet. One of them loved to drive his hotrod to the bakery 200 meters away. One of them drove her SUV on city streets. Another used to get a kick out of leaving a huge mess behind when he went on picnics. The shy newcomer finally opens up and admits that she used to let the water run all the time and that she wallpapered her house with asbestos. Ah, it was fun back then when nobody cared. Oh the glorious days when George Bush "forgot" to sign the Kyoto agreement! But let's not forget about our kids who died of lung disease and our spouses hospitalized with canceer... In the last shot, the umbrella-bearing sausage exclaims, "Shit, I forgot my SPF 800 sunscreen! I'm going to get third-degree burns again!"

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