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April 03, 2007



Opie and Anthony left the mics on one day and caught JV and Elvis arguing about a drug problem. Apparently one of them has a drug problem or something. O/A played it after the big on air fight they had with JV and Elvis.


that JV has lovely eyebrows.

J. Neas

This sort of thing reminds me of a local story. One of those 'we play everything' format comercial stations moved into town (they're commonly called Simon, I believe) and actually played an ad where a caller said "I love this station so much I changed my preset from Guilford College radio to you guys.."

Obviously, as a DJ for non-commercial WQFS, Guilford College radio, I was a bit peeved. We aren't even competing with those guys. But you better believe I've taken a handful of jabs at those types of stations on air - openly mocking their 'we play anything' nonsense. Of course it's a complement - as a free format station, we have the playlists they only wish they could have. Right on, WFMU.

Listener A

"badge of honor"

damn shtraight


Its kinda sad that these kind of people are so against anything that is not done for money but for the love of good music, artistic merit, and the love of real radio.

We need someone to call up and mock these guys on air sometime.


Free FM started off with more of a beat poetry-inspired agenda, or at least that seemed to be the idea by giving both David Lee Roth and Penn Jillette their own shows. I also recall hearing some Tom Scharpling crossover on the 'Jake & Jackie' program ...

Ken, how about inviting these two on 'Seven Second Delay'?

Norton Zenger

I'm not even sure mockery is necessary. Frankly, the awareness of their slow, lingering death is good enough for me. (Saith Wikipedia: "The overall station ratings only went down 2.0 from Winter 2005 to Winter 2006, to a 1.1. This leaves Free FM ranked #23 in the NY market, and is currently the lowest rated FM Station in the NYC Market.") As usual, leave it to the media megacorporations to take a really bad idea and make it even worse. "Hey, let's have a string of radio stations that are just like those radio stations that play Foreigner all day- only without the Foreigner!" Is that kind of programming going to make Carl Brutananadilewski happy? I don't think so.


Mighty horse rocks the fat ass.

fatty jubbo

It always amazes me how every "shock" jock sounds exactly the same- right down to the overly compressed production values. Say what you will about Stern- but that show has a wide sonic spectrum where it doesn't sound like everyone is sitting in a cardboard box together.

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