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April 11, 2007



There's a shitty techno remix of "Total Eclipse of the Heart" that makes me cringe. But that song is awful to begin with.

Jon B

Wildly inappropriate, yet simultaneously utterly brilliant: "It's It's... The Sweet Mix!" Featuring Blockbuster, Fox on the Run, Teenage Rampage, Hell Raiser and, of course, Ballroom Blitz. Assembled by "Megamixer" Sanny X, and released in 1984.

There was a sequel the following year: "Sweet 2th, The Wigwam-Willy Mix," featuring Wigwam Bam, Little Willy, Funny Funny and Co-Co, but it wasn't quite as good.


A little earlier than 1988, but the 12" extended mix of "Superbowl Shuffle" is also a low point.


On a mix tape my friend made me for my 21st birthday, he included a dance remix of "What's Up" by 4 Non Blondes! It is incredible.


to be completely honest, i foudn the "dub" remixes of 80's pop charters to be the most useless piecs of dreck i've yet been made aware of... i owned many a vinyl as a kid then, and the "dub" mixes never once held my attention or garnered the slightest bit of affection/ wow, it's wild to see a post even mention them! only @ wfmu!

Jim Russell

Don't forget Springsteen's 12-inch "Dancing in the Dark" remix. (Whoa-OH-oh!)

Resident Clinton

Thanks for your comments. In response:
- I am going to search high and low for that Sweet mega-mix!
- I am completely horrified by the prospect of a Super Bowl Shuffle remix. And what the heck was the Boss doing?
- I could not agree more about "dub" mixes. Bleah.
- Both What's Up and Total Eclipse are dance REMAKES, a totally different beast that is even more abysmal and terrifying than the remix.
- I disagree about the original Total Eclipse of the Heart. It is an amazing, bombastic, over-the-top work of pure genius. Steinman's finest hour, and even better when you watch the video.
- And anyone remember that terrible song "Boom Boom Boom Let's Go Back to My Room" (Paul Lekakis, I think)? That just popped into my head as one of those dance mixes that just went on forever.


Wow. I was certain it was a remix. Still, I must politely disagree. "Total Eclipse of the Heart" makes my skin crawl. Bombastic I can enjoy, but not even "The Impossible Dream" approaches that level of vomitous lunacy. Again, only a polite disagreement.

If you want a copy of the "Superbowl Shuffle" single, let me know. It features the instrumental, as well, which is probably the best track on the record.


This got me thinking how it would be cool/disastrous if some intrepid remixer tried to do extended remixes of short 80's hardcore songs like early GangGreen, MDC, FU's...you know, the 60 second blasts of fury and distortion. There's a song by Plain Wrap on a Flipside compilation that checks in at around 6 seconds. I can't even get my head around what this would sound like or where you would even begin.


Resident Clinton, was your Sound Warehouse the big one on Evans near DU? I lived in the neighborhood back then but probably patronized that store more for renting videos than for buying music. It's a Walgreens now.


I like that idea, JAQ. Minch had many songs that were one to three seconds long, as well.

Resident Clinton

Nope, not the one on Evans, though that was the Denver "flagship store", which meant for anything remotely obscure we'd have to drive out there. I would just go to Wax Trax instead (where I eventually landed that "cool" record store job). I started in Boulder, then worked in Arvada/Wheat Ridge at the strip mall on Wadsworth and I-25. I don't know what's there now, but my mom still lives not far away.

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