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April 10, 2007



Like Aztec Two Step..........Minus the talent.


really lovely....thanks!

Scott M

Great stuff. Reminds me that I first heard FJ McMahon on Hatch's show and love that one, too.

William Zeuthen

Man, we should really do something to get a proper rip of this. Day dreamer is a bit skippy, but I would kill to get a hold of a copy of this. Could Hatch possibly ask the friend who burned the CD-R where he got it?

And of course, thanks a million for this.


William, it turns out that the friend who sent it to me actually got a burn from someone else. He tells me that only 50 copies of the LP were ever pressed... maybe someday the album will see a proper reissue taken from the master tapes or from a cleaner copy.


hey, reminds me of myself when i was eighteen. a few of these songs have potential. "nothing hides better than darkness" is particularly good.


Thank you.

Steven K

Good album! Thanks so much for posting this!


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