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April 19, 2007


Dan DeParr

Actually, Negativland didn't sample this movie, they sampled a different recording of the Estus Pirkle's sermon which the movie was based off of.

the more you know...


BRILLIANT !! Neil Young as a commie death angel !!



1:17 top right clip:
how does a standing person have
their head cut off with a vertical slash?

plus, the accents of the commie goons switch btw fake cuban, (unintentional) fake french and southern hick effortlessly within the same sentence/

Chris R.

I have to say that logic of Castro being able to bring you candy while Jesus can't is pretty darn solid. Cuba's been a major sugar exporter forever and even the Bible doesn't claim Jesus ever did a candy miracle. If I were on the Christian side there I wouldn't be spreading that message I don't think... it's meant to be exaggeration, but it's an iron clad argument!


Full movie on google:


Mark Allen reposted these and his commentators left some pretty interesting links:

The Believers Heaven was especially mindblowing.

Tom Hearndon

Actually, the communists actually pulled this stunt all the time. My uncle was raised in Hungary and they pulled the candy trick on him and his classmates in the early 1950s. The stunt is replicated in the movie "Europa Europa"

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