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April 01, 2007


Good ole fashIONed Internet RADio

Great vids, but, 'tis still hard to beat good ole fashioned internet radio, ani't it?


a fully clothed Alyssa Milano shilling for Nintendo at the Ice Capades

Nintendo really knew how to move their product, huh?


odd talk shows--

i was a big fan of the short lived Boston public access show "Weymouth After Dark", in particular one episode where they hawked their idea for a "Great Battles of World History commemorative McDonald's Happy Meals" complete with toy figurines of George Armstrong Custer. Oh, and the episode with their pitch for a Hollywood film based on Plato's theoretical treatise "Timaeus." Ive heard it ran briefly in the NYC area too for a while. This clip doesn't do it justice.



Kip W

The comic page ad seems to be drawn by Neal Adams, legendary comic artist. For a long time, DC was putting cover art by him on a majority of their titles to lure unsuspecting fans to part with their twelve cents.


OHHHH. . . "old" talk shows, not "odd" talk shows. . . silly me. Thanks to public access there are a million "odd" talk shows.

Kip W

Whoda thunkit? -- I just found a larger rendition of the Neal Adams page over at Stupid Comics. Now I'm going back to listening to defective doggy heartbeats...

Buddy Max

Man-- that Zappa footage is great. I'd heard of that appearance for years, never thought I'd ever see it. . . who had the foresight to record that? (Zappa mentions it in his biography, he had tried to get on the show as a "serious composer" but they ignored him until he came up with the idea of performing music on a bicycle). It's funny to see Zappa so young and serious and remarkably well-spoken alongside Steve Allen.

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