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April 13, 2007



er, what made you think that Cook & Moore were the Goons?
just asking...........


Looks like I got my British comedy people mixed up. Thanks for catching that. I've updated the post.

Vicki DO or DIY

How timely - I played Time Beat on my radio show yesterday morning.


Now HERE are some "Real" lyrics

If Sir George (Martin) would've had lyrics like those, click the link, he'd have grooved to an even/ever greater strata.

Oh, the lyrics are to Sir George (Harrison) 's song "Awaiting on You All."

mike h

I had no idea that Sir George had anything to do with the BBC Radiophonic Workshop! He certainly doesn't appear on the 4x10" that came out on Rephlex a few years ago, anyway...this is awesome.

Stephen Hocking

Just to nit pick. Peter Sellers and Spike Milligan (with Harry Secombe) were the Goons. It's like saying he worked with John Lennon, Paul Macartney and the Beatles.


Not nitpicking at all... On the contrary, thanks. I've updated again. I hearby resolve never to mention the goons again.

Sleazy Martinez

I interviewed Sir George a few years back about his comedy/weird stuff recordings and we spoke about this. Apart from occasionally drifting into a few moments that were *very* like that Big Train sketch, he explained that the way the single worked was that "Time Beat" was George taking the original Radiophonic recording and jazzing it up, while for "Waltz In Orbit", he gave Maddalena a track and she added something of her own to that.

Don't forget the other RW/poptastic crossover - Delia Derbyshire planned to work with both Paul McCartney and Brian Jones at various points, but sadly nothing ever came of it.


This record is fantastic!
It kind of reminds me of Martin Denny meets Raymond Scott at a fiesta thrown by Esquivel.
Love the deliberately botched note thrown in towards the end of "Orbit". Makes me laugh no matter how many times I listen to it.

Michael Fishberg

This was also released on Canadian Capitol (see run by Toronto musicologist Piers Hemmingsen).
Piers tells me that the single probably only got 200 copies pressed and is highly sought after on that edition. Email me if you need a scan of the Canadian swirl label.

Rory Murray

From the Genius that gave us not only the Beatles, but the Goons too!
God Bless Us, Everyone! Power To The People!

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