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April 03, 2007



I have a live recording of Goldfrapp's "Yes Sir" which is very close to this version,
but her live recording ends with a wonderfully noisy synth assault that I'd call mind
blowing. I love the way the song builds the tension....


Before anybody thinks, the Jacob sisters are some hot young girlgroup...take a look at this. This is the hard reality.


Aah. Nice videos. I had heard M. A. Numminen's Finnish and Swedish versions, but I just love the German one. Although I have to say that he's done far better things, like Dägä Dägä, and the absolutely fantastic Wovon mann nicht sprechen kann from Sings Wittgenstein.

Liked Goldfrapp's version as well, very nicely done (nice in a very different way from Numminen, of course).

Listener bkd

Is it just me, or does the original sound just like "Don't Leave Me This Way"? But I lurv Goldfrapp's version the best.


M.A. Numminen's German version is the absolute best! I'm glad there are more of his videos showing up on Youtube (like this one

For the ultimately fromage versions of the Baccara track, I recommend some of the "dance" remixes from the late 90's.


very nice Clips to see Baccara with the original voice of Baccara.


I'm most grateful to you for hosting the Baccara's "Yes Sir, I can Boogie' in your blog. And I thought that maybe I could also make you just a little bit happy by posting this, meaning that you are not doing all this in vain. Thanks a lot and best of luck to you!

P.S. From Russia with love :-)

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