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April 23, 2007


James Tregaskis

Bless you Kenny for having shown this to us: I can only say that the last 40 years would have been all the more sparse without Don around. He has stayed with me all my (adult) life and I would have been all the poorer without having enjoyed his kindness, humour and courageous music-art. I am so thankful that there are people like Don around and also people who also love Don. Again, thank you.


I guess Don is suffering from MS, which perhaps accounts for his voice being so tenative.

It is telling that he grew up with Zappa, it's almost predictable; I can't think of two more seminal and unique American musical geniuses. What're the odds that one tiny town could produce two artists who's work sounds so unlike anyone elses, a blend of American jazz, and blues, and 20th centry classical music? And yet thought they dip from the same well, their music couldnt be more different from each other.

As much as I loved Zappa, his music always seemd to be trying too hard, whereas Vliet's music (for all its compelxity and layers of sound and meaning) seemed so natural, almost thoughtless (in the zen sense of the word).

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