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April 05, 2007



What a kick-ass great fucking video...All messed up on the Lord! Whatever it takes to let those sparks loose, I say indulge, imbibe, make shit up if you must, but cut loose like this...Yow!

Rob G.

"Movin' on up, to the sky!"

African-American Gospel Music is the wellspring
from which so much of the great 50's-70's
soul music came from!

And this video shows us that there still is some
GREAT African-American gospel music, HALLELUJAH!


I caught a small glimpse of the Campbell Brothers years ago on PBS - I agree with you Ken 100%. They are an amazing group of players - I have been looking high and low for some of their stuff, thanks for the link. Watching that clip makes we want to head over to the north side of Nashville and hunt out a good gospel church and throw down a little -



Good God! What denomination was that? I'd go to church every Sunday if I found a place with such thorough, electric devotion.

Station Manager Ken

Jaylefus - Sacred Steel is a Pentecostal phenomenon, from the House of God Churches. More info here,

Godfrey Daniel

Jeffersonic you're clueless and disrespectful


Dearest Godfrey, by saying "What a kick ass great fucking video" I meant to imply the greatest respect (in my own enthusiastic vernacular) for the people in the video, the people who realized the value of making the video, and the fact I got to see it. While I don't share what I believe are the deceptions and delusions of most organized religions, in my opinion this church has hit on a few things that speak deeply to humans, and this transcends dogma. I believe it's implicit in my statement that people should do or believe whatever the fuck they want and I will support it if I see some value in it, though I may not share the same beliefs. Think what you want.


I seriously question my faith, or lack of it, everytime I watch this video.

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