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April 22, 2007


chris galea

Rock In Peace..lobby..first saw them memorial hall sunbury ,johnny miglans ,bass was a local, so they did a warm up gig in town ..i was twelve ,there was a huge sharpie following, youth subculture mainly melb suburbs gangs,dangerous ,exiting for a kid.. on come the balls, crowd goes off, loud power...ballpower..survived the night my introduction to rock n roll ...make it home.... mum! i dont wanna play trumpet changed....last saw lob and thorpy,oct 2006. doncaster with my son... god bless the coloured balls ...oz rock is grouse.. chris galea jacksons creek boogie band...sunbury..

chris galea

...b t w if u can get a copy of "summer JAM album ,live lobby thorpie leo de castro and friends,giving it shit.. great boogie blues rocking ...thorpie the vox...circa 73..get it....


Here is a cool video clip circa '74 of the scene built around the Sharpies in australia, their look is a pre-punk style very much like the Jook, amazed to see kids with mohawks this far back too, the song playing sounds like Jook's 'Rumble', check out the - 70s invasion - for info on related music of the 1970s, specifically pre-punk -

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