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April 22, 2007



Yay, Wall Of Voodoo has finally been deemed influential in some way!

Brian Turner

I remember when this disc came out and I looked for many of these LPs in the FMU library, surprised to find quite a bunch. What should be mentioned though, is that VDO is one of the contributors to the Mutant site, so I'm sure you're going to see more and more of it coming to life there.


looks like quite a few of the same bands/artists from the NWW list, but then lots more modern bands like Neubaten, Tall Dwarfs and this heat.

Banyon II

Wow, they spelled HENRY COW with the correct R instead of a T. That's kind of them.


Man--- just when I thought I was making serious progress in my NWW list knowledge!

hotsie motsie

Looks like lots of RIO and Japanese avant-prog has been added, and lots of the "electronic music for experimental ballet"-style music from the original NWW-list has been stripped out.
And like the original list, there seem to be some entries that are there as nothing more than because they're "personal favorites" of the list-maker rather than exemplifying some sort of historical significance ("El Tarro de Mostaza," anyone?!?!).
Personally, I'm very happy to see Dr. John get his due.


Although this list can be useful to discover bands, one has to admit that this is list is definitely less experimental oriented than the Nurse with wound one :

Most of the free jazz artists have been dropped out (even though the original list missed a lot of them, showing that Stapleton wasn't exactly fond of free jazz), many experimental artists disappeared as well (from noise to simply "out" music), and almost no contemporary composer is included here.

On the other hand, prog-rock and RIO bands have been massively added. I guess this list doesn't aim at the same audience, and is probably also less exhaustive than the NWW one according to its release date.


Given their tastes, I'm surprised Bourbonese Qualk were not included on the list. Actually there are quite a few bands that are surprisingly absent in these strains...Cardiacs also come to mind. Hmm, maybe we need to make another list for the last 00's?

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