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April 08, 2007



hmmm.... i dont remember a Mr Bungle puppet on Pee Wees show, but it could have slipped by me. i do remember on his 1980's HBO special they used a film, a 1950's school hygene ed film, with a character named Mr Bungle. sort of a Goofus and Gallent thing. "Timmy always washes his hands after using the rest room. he remembers Mr Bungle would never do that" etc.
picky i know...


Girl of porn

Big thanks for this little gem which I had no idea existed. Patton and his "artsy crowd" are heading here (oz) in June and I can't wait.

Don K

The above comment by Bob is correct. There was no puppet on Peewee's show named Mr. Bungle. It was the 1950's hygene movie.


The name of the film is Beginning Responsibility: Lunchroom Manners.
Skip form AVGeeks has it up on his youtube site.

Mr. Bungle doesn't wash his hands or comb his hair...


Thanks Bob, Don K, and MrDork, I corrected the mistake in the post.

Steve PMX

Thanks I love Mike Patton and Mr. Bungle!

Cheese Snob Wendy

I have to chime in on the Pee-Wee / Mr. Bungle angle. On Pee-Wee's Playhouse, Pee-Wee did indeed play 1950s hygiene films, and often, in the narration, a certain Mr. Bungle was mentioned, but he was never shown. Rather, the narrator warned us children to always sit at the lunch table and eat our food with manners, and then when we were done, to push the chairs back to the table, because after all, WE didn't want to be like Mr. Bungle.

So there!


at the radio station i work at, KHSU in Arcata/Eureka, one of the sound engineers recorded Mr. Bungle's first album, before the self titled album.
neat factoid i heard from him tonight.


How can I download this and not just lisen to it?If I give you my e-mail?


Man, it's great to listen such an amazing band a Mr. Bungle in their first album, this record is excellent and you can hear a really good death metal mixed with other genres, so it's really cool.


These songs, along with all the other Mr. Bungle demos, are available for download as MP3s from ftp.bunglefever.com (and I believe this is where the files used here originated).


thank you many.bungle are the best band ever and its great to hear there early works

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