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April 24, 2007


Dave B

That dude needs some proactive, and to lay off the Lays potato chips for a while... Beautifully filmed however, reminds me I need to harves some nose cheese myself this weekend.

Here's another tasty example:


This is without a doubt, the most disgusting thing I've seen in ages. And I live in Brooklyn.


oh stfu, you don't live in brooklyn. you probably live in williamsburg or some other hipster infested neighborhood 5 minutes from manhattan.


Cal, I hate to break it to ya, but if you're a WFMU fan, you are 100% a hipster without any recourse to refute that claim. Stop the self-hate!!!?? Move to WIlliamsburg ... be among your kind -

remia veyeltski

Truuuuly gag-worthy, and exactly what I thought it was. Geee-roooss. And I am a hipster, I live in Williamsblurgh and I have seen what else lives here. Does anyone have a handkerchief? Im going to have nightmares about this. Its almost up there with the gnarly werewolf-hands.


OH! MY! GOD. I am so very sorry that I clicked "play". I am not easily nauseated; I studied that photo of a German motorcyclist cut in half for many steady minutes. THIS, however, is just wrong. To you who chose to post this, I hate you.

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