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April 04, 2007


Cheese Snob Wendy

Wow! This is very cool for many reasons.
1. Thanks, Governor Spitzer. What a clever use of fines collected from payola perps. It is actually approaching justice to have those fines go to non-profits and creatively-minded artists. Kinda Robin-Hood-esque, wouldn't ya say? How nice that this fund will help make up for the travesty-of-the-week pushed by the labels and major stations.
2. To said payola perps: nyah-nyah!
3. Congrats to FMU for scoring a grant from NY State. And you're in NJ! Since when does NY give NJ anything except the finger?
4. Free music! Thanks FMU for passing the goodies on to us, and to a gaggle of musicians. I saw Flaming Fire at the Loser's Lounge Devo show many years ago, and their act was so fantastic. Looking forward to seeing them. And you!


Perhaps New York is realizing that some of its cultural heritage is borrowed from the DURRTY JERRZZ JURZ


Well well, the many facets of public opinion. Here, I was just thinking that this series shows that a big part of WFMU's hometown vibes are in NYC, see?


WFMU is classic NJ weirdness, just like Uncle Floyd. NYC can enjoy the fruits of it from time to time, of course.


The future of live streaming music: live bands.

Mike Lupica

I like to think that WFMU is as much a part of the underdog gonzo spirit of Jersey as it is a part of the art and culture of New York City. Also, since NYC is within our broadcast range (and it is a New York State grant that's making this possible), the placement makes good sense.


Those who've never seen Flaming Fire are in for a treat. Their show at Tonic a few weeks ago was the best of theirs I've yet seen (and I've seen a good many of their shows). Request their cover of Dio's "Holy Diver" and see what happens.


I'm a narc, and even I am generally interested in this event going well. Best of luck you crazy kids.

Sergeant Reff

I, too, am a Narc, and wish you all well in this bold adventure.

Listener Dave

How big a crowd is anticipated for this event? I'd love to go, but it's a bit of a haul by public transit (2 hours or so for me) so I don't want to go through that to be turned away at the door.


Flaming Fire red is the new black, Park Slope is the new Macdougal St, and WFMU is the new Radio Free America. I will definately interrupt my otherwise sedentary life to attend the SP gig. Nothing like sharing a good bill with the FMU fam.

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