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May 01, 2007


A Chair

This reminds me of a flute and guitar album my Dad used to listen to all the time that he doesn't recall at all. The clicks and scratches also make it sound like this 80 year-old Early Music I found in a library.

John Collier

this must be one of the best www sites/pages around with loads of very different MP3s alaways available.....I'd luv to see some old rare stuff that has the Civil war as it's theme,

A Chair

Add 'record' after '80 year-old Early Music', though people could figure that out easily.

strictly kev

amazing find, i love the way it will stop dead or they'll play the same key twice thus playing an exact loop again


There seems to be a complete set of the "thousand meditations" at LPJunkie. See


that's the set that i bought that never arrived. actually, it's not a set, just one of the two records. i eventually got my money back. i can only assume that either he still has it listed in his inventory by mistake, or that somehow he never sent it or it was returned to him, so he's offering it again. but if that's the case, he never got back to me to let me know it's still available.


I have this record and guess what, I only have side 1 and 4 which kind of bugged me ever since I found it. Thanks for the info on how this music was done. Jacket is indeed plain white with sticker (similar to the Indian melodies one), fit to hold one record, so the other record must have had a different sleeve altogether.


vivian blackstone

i was involved with those recordings and have a complete set
Norma Nilsson did extensive research and used the Chamberlin to play them on.
san diego, ca

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