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May 04, 2007


Pinball King

There were at least two "I Like Ike" songs, one written by Irving Berlin, and a much catchier one that went "I like Ike, you like Ike, everyone likes Ike". The second song even had an animated video made by Disney.


Berlin actually wrote more than one song for Ike. He had a novelty number called "They Like Ike" in his 1950 Broadway musical "Call Me Madam" and then changed the lyric to "I Like Ike" for the '52 campaign. In '54, he wrote something called "I Still Like Ike." And in '56, he wrote "Ike For Four More Years." Now, if you guys could dig up recordings of the latter songs, or Berlin's Al Smith campaign tunes (1924's "We'll All Go Voting For Al" or 1928's "Good Times With Hoover, Better Times With Al"), I would have something to listen to while reading Chomsky.

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