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May 09, 2007



Play them backwards. Then you really have something interesting.


I wished they had included more than one music track.

I found a slightly better cover scan:

Holland Oats

Bring that beat back!


Play against Nurse With Wound's Spiral Insana.



Throw in a little doo-wop and it's like you're in Spike's dungeon.

Savant Trigger

Great find, especially for sampling. I threw something crappy together in less than an hour, just to try it out:

Give it a moment to show up on the archive page, you know how it is...


Sid, you are my hero!
I've been looking for a copy of this for ages.



Thanks, that fits as snug as a latex suit on my ever expanding BDSM music site

Henk Madrotter

thanks!!! i'm definitly going to use this!!! great stuff!!!

Account Deleted

I decided to title the Tortura tracks for easier reference:
1. Hissss
2. Ooh Ooh, Oh Oh
3. Ooooooh
4. Ughn!
5. Grunt Erg Ow!
6. Gasp!
7. Sigh...
8. Heavy Breathing
9. Squeak!
10. Giggle
11. Spanking with Music - Mellow Mood
12. Ooooooh part 2
13. Owughhhh
14. Ooooooh part 3: Oooh, Oooh
15. Baby (?)
16. From Mmmmm to Urgh
17. Crazed Laughter
18. Ow Ow Oh...Sob
19. Yipes!
20. Ooooooh part 4: Mmm Mmm Oooh
21. Spanking with Music - Jazzy Mood

The Meat Beetles

The Meat Beeatles used exerpts from this album as rhythm tracks on their new song, "Pickles". Lead vocals are by Laura "The Prozac Queen" Bush. Check it out.


I came across this a few years ago, I think at Show and Tell Music.

a designer

Could someone please delete Bee's comment from May 11, 2007 (07:52 AM)? The original poster is OK with that!

It was linked with a clients website that's no longer on that subdomain. And unfortunately, new clients might not appreciate such content…

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