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May 10, 2007



I think Tim's been disillusioned with life until he met Mr. Noades.
This post is really great.
I hope Noades shares a lot more with us.

kicsi viz

Jeez, before reading Tim's rant I had no intention of listening to Ms. Cartland's alleged singing, but he forced me to.

Thanks a lot, Tim. I already have nightmares at night, I don't need them in the daytime.


I've been hearing about this record for years, but never had the chance to experience it. Now I can wallow in it's full kitch horror. Thank you so much.

Now all I need to find is Max Bygrave's disco album "Discolongamax". And Margaret Thatcher reading the Gettysburg Address to orchestral accompaniment. Yes, it did happen.

Laurie Glitzer

Wow, amazing find. Keep up the great work.


"Like every woman, I dreamt of being carried away by a sheep. ." ? Eh? Oh! A sheik! Wild stuff. Mnay thanks. Her diction is like Nick Drake, have you noticed? ;-)

daz madrigal

The voice whilst not strong was sweet and every word could be heard perfectly. The Mike Sammes singers are beyond par and as an ex-member - the famed Chris Hughes (Epicure) - of my site (before i chucked the old buffer out) played in their Orchestra I have it on full authority that Mike Sammes himself was a true professional who bears comparison to the great Val Doonican and also a thouroughly nice chap. Seriously it wasn't half bad at all.

Altogether a brilliant album sung with perfect diction unlike that fellow Johnny Rotter.

....i shall ask my Gran to ramove me from her painful headlock. The Old Gal has an amazingly firm grip for an 83 yr old!


michael farris

I want to hear someone sampling this together with Tortura...


i'm nursing a semi


As a contributor to 365, let me just say...wonderful! "Desert Song" makes me laugh and laugh and laugh.

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