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May 12, 2007


Karen Bower

Oh my frig! I'm on that album. I was in grade 6. BOSS stands for Bands of our surrounding schools. Dave Mangle had just arrived in Glace Bay to teach music with his wife Barb Stetter. She is still teaching music there after 35 years! Anyway, he took us on our first big trip to Nfld to do a recording. It was great fun. Eventually the music program developed into one of, if not the best in Nova Scotia. I am still playing at the age of 44 in two bands. It all started with Barb and Dave. Even though it isn't the most professional of albums, it is a great memory.

Shelley Eisses

I am also on this album. Learned to play trombone at a music camp at Mt. A and was able to join the school band the next fall.Dave Mangle was my trombone teacher. I think I was in Grade 10 when we went to Nfld to make this record.The music program in Glace Bay has developed and is now second to none and has put out some fantastic musicians! I returned to Cape Breton about 10yrs ago and am a member of the Second Wind Community Band to date. Our parents , relatives bought this album because they loved us ... We were the initial senior band of the Glace Bay music program , and for what it's worth , I believe we began well!

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