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May 14, 2007


Hear It Wow

I've absolutely heard the main riff from "Hold On" someplace else. I'm thinking in one of those Mind's Eye CGI videos that came out in the mid '90s, but I'm not sure.


Bucks is my new favourite artist. He should have joined up with the Cheese Band. (from the old 365) :))


michael farris

First, it's amazing how nondescript crap I've never heard before can evoke ... nostalgia for a time so much more strongly than a lot of stuff I know pretty well from that time.

And I think we're all a little poorer for Andrew Buckingham never getting that record contract. If not for the heartless lack of imagination of record executives "Can I caress your verbs?" could have become _the_ pick-up line of the 80's.

michael farris

Try playing Bucks and the first track from Tortura at the same time, it's scary how well they go together...

Shames Voice

Totally obsessed with Umberto Attolicci's There's No Other Place I Wanna Be. It will be the husband and bride's first dance song at my wedding, I'm not even kind of joking... maybe a little, but if ever there were an "innocent" love song this is it!

Pinball King

Re "Hold On" riff: "Sara, Sara, no time is a good time for goodbyes" -Starship.

Webster Hubble Telescope

Buckingham is going for the Felt cedence, channeling Lawrence w/o the chiming guitars.


my dad was in tek-morek! gotta love them keyboards haha!

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