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May 18, 2007



Wow, listening to it is like having a tension headache without the pain. Strangely enjoyable.


Does the intro to "Dak Kien Zmien" (probably the least worst song on the record) remind anyone else of "Knights in White Satin"?

Corey K.

"What happened to the swirl?"

Ah, I remember dancing "The Swirl" with my girl back in the 50s as a young Joe Cutajar crooned in the background. Forget hoppin' and boppin' to the Crocodile Rock, we loved "The Swirl." It was kinda scandalous, at least by 50s standards. My sister was a nice girl and wouldn't admit to it, but I'm pretty sure she danced "The Swirl" with her boyfriend. Out of my window I could see them in the moonlight, two silhouettes saying goodnight by the garden gate. Now hardly anyone remembers "The Swirl." What happened to our youth? Why don't the Beatles get back together? Why don't nobody sing of romance? Oh baby, all I wanna do is dance.

Bann johanson

Cutajar and my mom worked with each other years ago at the Stardust in Vegas - he has a performer, she has a waitress

never knew he had an album
beautiful stuff!



I'm still looking for Beatles cover versions in Maltese. Anybody know where to find them?

Richard Brandt

Wow. Maltese! Just like Robert Palmer!

David Noades

I have since found two superb clips of Helen and Joe performing L-imhabba on YouTube. The first is the Maltese promo filmed on the location in Malta, the second is the actual performance at the Eurovision Song Contest in Edinburgh in March 1972. Enjoy!

John Ball

Where is Joe now Veronica used to dance to his music and singing until 2006 at the Suncrest hotel in qawrra but we seem to have lost contact can anyone help

pauline (ENGLAND)

hi i met joe several years at suncrest had great evenings myself husband and daughter also went on a great boat trip george musican was also on there we also spent new years eve 2000 at the suncrest fantastic night

John Mifsud

Joe is today well in his late sixties but still going very strong. He still performes almost on every day of the week at several venues in Malta mostly Hotels. He is still the best on the Island and very far away from that stated by the critics on this page. Besides being a very good mature voice full of energy and experiance he is also an outstanding entertainer who keeps his audience alive all the time, he is versitile and sings in English, Italian and Maltese sometimes in Spanish too depending on the song he is interpreting. Besides all this Joe is a fine gentleman and a very pleasant personality. I never tire listneing to him sing . I reccomand a night out to were Joe sings to everyone who likes to hear an outstanding voice and dance to melodies we all like to keep dancing to .

Good luck Joe , we all love you . God bless you and keep you strong as ever to keep going on entertaining us your very loyal

John Mifsud

Michael Boe

I spent a happy 3 weeks in Malta in 1990 with my friend Phil Olivant and his wife Shelia who were good and personal friends of Joe's, Saw several of his shows and must say although his music is not really my taste he is a great singer with a lovely personallity, Great to know he is still around...

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