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May 19, 2007


Miles Bogus

I have this 45. Why do I have this 45? Isn't it yellow vinyl. Maybe that's why.

bann johanson

my mother used to work for the Charlie Co (actually a subsidiary of Brostol-Myers)

this was also the era of "Hai Karate" cologne, who had the crowds of girls chasing Hai karate-wearing into phone booths

strange time he 60s


in the mid-90s i put out a 45 by the austin garage-punk band the inhalants called 'charlie was an icon;' we used a xerox of this single as an insert. the lyrics and horoscope are extra fun when read in a manson context.


oooooooh - just noticed yours has blood on it... extra charlie goodness!


Aw, I was hoping this was the lounge-jazz Charlie jingle. This one's kinda catchy, but the one that came later was part of the legend of Charlie.


i remember my cousin getting a bottle of charlie for Christmas around that time. i am embaressed to admit i still remember some of the lyrics from the other jingle:
'theres a fragrance thats here today and they call it charlie,
kinda young, kinda now, charlie!
kinda free kinda wow, charlie!'

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