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May 23, 2007



Ooooo! Do you have "Sex for Teens" by Stanley Daniels?
please, please, please, please......


A couple of these mp3 tracks that you've posted sound as if they were soundtrack accompaniments to this the case?

I collect filmstrips of all types (1950s-1980s) including topics of a sexual nature - if I knew for sure these were from filmstrips I could double-check a few silent filmstrips in my collection that lack a soundtrack and possibly post some stills on Flickr thank you- Ian

Sid Emment

"if I knew for sure these were from filmstrips I could double-check a few silent filmstrips in my collection"


you know as well as I do that if these mp3 sex tracks were derived from actual filmstrips then they would contain short audible "BEEPS" which indicate when the filmstrip should be advanced

And by the way, how many "filmstrips" do you actually have that were produced in the 1980s? The production of educational filmstrips ceased around 1978

stop spreading misleading info, and don't waste our time

Johnny McDap

Sid Emment = Internet Tuffguy.


These recordings are amazing! These recordings could be used to make some pretty awesome videos and I thought you and your readers might be interested in this contest.
The contest is called Fresh Focus Sex Ed Video Contest.Film makers must be 15-30 years old and make an original video about sex education that follows one of two themes:
1. Share your sex ed experience so far. Show how and why it sucked or rocked.
2. Redesign how sex ed could be delivered. Imagine that anything is possible.
There is a $3500 prize to the winner of the Fresh Focus: Sex-Ed Video Contest and other prizes to the runner up. Read the official contest rules and submit entries at


Sex for Teens" by ganesh?


Sex for Teens" by ganesh?

Look for Liebes Platz Here

specializing in adult, adolescent and teenage male and female sex offenders, as well as with patients with other psychiatric problems. Her vast experience in the realm of abnormal psychology and the legal system has provided her with unique insight into understanding criminal and deviant behaviors.

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