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May 25, 2007


Sid Emment

this is an absolute delight.

who would I need to get permission from to sample this and use it on an extended mix? do you own the copyright?


My grandparents lived in this transitional world and it’s a neat spot to drop into, listening to this. From a brief moment in history, when the failed polar sides of the generation gap attempted to explore for common ground and never even got close. Soon, both sides would give up, shut up, and recede into selfishness and paranoia.

pea hix

i know i've seen others in this series, but if i have any, i've never bothered to listen to them... i have a tendency to pick up stuff like this, but when i get it home, i often just can't be bothered to give it a spin!


The other records in the series are eqaully amazing, especially one on the "modern era" (which I most def. am sampling). It seems hard to believe that a major oil company would put out something like this, but the early '70s provided a brief window where post-'60s disillusionment actully made reality preferable to propaganda.

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