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May 26, 2007



C John Taylor's still a legend past his own lifetime - at least, if you believe Highland Arts -

CJT used to appear with monotonous regularity in the Scottish press, always advertising the same hame-knitted art. I think some of these tracks are still available on CD from Highland Arts' online store -- who knew?


For C John Taylor completists: there was at least one further single released in 1988 (he seemed to do one every five years). Allun Davies and Marie Carmichael and C John himself return again on the A-Side 'Lovely Bouquet', with Marie and C John also featuring on the B-Side 'When You Are Near' along with hot new vocal talent Roy Edwards ("Romantic Cruise Director of OTV and Pebble Mill TV Fame").

I also have somewhere a book of C John's verse which, while not quite up to the standard of the Great MacGonagall, proves he is a worthy successor. His tribute to Richard Burton begins:

"Richard Burton's blue eyes frolic
Insanely when he's alcoholic..."


Very interesting music....great to sing along to!


The man is just a tenth rate imitation of Thomas Kinkade - and Kinkade is bad enough, but at least he did not inflict hideous doggerel masquerading as poetry on us! The man should be run out of Scotland back to Yorkshire or wherever he came from. We don't need incomers like this insulting our country by spreading images like he does.

J Wheel

It's so easy, isn't it, to denigrate the memory of a great man and all round artist, who, sad to say, is no longer with us, and therefore not in a strong position to defend himself. It's true, he wasn't "hip", didn't smoke reefers, or use four-letter words in his poetry and songs. But he did bring happiness to the lives of his many devoted admirers.

We spend our summers caravanning throughout Scotland, occasionally venturing further south into England. Our neighbour's son copied all C John Taylor's beautiful works of music onto a cassette tape which we love to play and sing along with as we drive along our beautiful country roads to our next site. You would be amazed at how many people at the sites love and appreciate his work. I do not mean to be unkind, but I'd hazard a guess that C John Taylor is better known than WFMU, certainly within the British caravanning community.

Robert Davidson

The wee Highland art shop on the Isle of Seil holds many happy memories for me when my kids were growing up in the seventies.The song Islands of beauty takes me back to a time when life was a lot simpler and people were more content with life . The one thing that sticks in my mind was the pleasant manner of the girls who offered you a piece of free tablet. The place will always be dear to me . Robert.

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