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May 27, 2007


Louis Harrison

Any chance of posting 'All through the night' [side one/track two]? The arrangement is by the superb Sammy Nestico who is best known for his work with the Count Basie orchestra.


I realize that this sounds out there to most of you, but to anyone who was in high school stage band, this is like "Yeah, that!" True, most of us have moved on musically (at least those of us who eventually migrated to WFMU Land), but those old reflexes are still there.

eric o

Falconi? says FLIPPER to me!


Why the hell does everything sound like Ragtime to me?

Pinball King

Wow, alot o' WFMU fans up here in Toronto, eh?


It sounds more to me like music used during a sports show--esp. anything by NFL Films.


I think that's actually Jay Chattaway who has gone on to do TV soundtracks including several of the STAR TREK enterprises (pun intentional).

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