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May 28, 2007


Pan Pan

wow, he bears a surprising resemblance to Kinky Friedman.

Kip W

The key thing is, for all the bellicose bragging of this record (and others), Khomeini died peacefully of old age several years later. Even though the singer (or rapper) gave "his best shot," namely, a raspberry.

I've had this record since 1979. It's been on my iPod for the last couple of years. I think I've even suggested it here. Anyway, glad to see it getting its place in the sand. Er, sun.


In MI, there was another anti-that 45 single, "I Ran From Iran" (..."when the shooting began...)

Pinball King

Reminds me of the 45 "Bomb Iran", sung to the tune of "Barbara Ann".

bill j gebo jr.

i remember hearing the khomeini song in 1979 when i was just 13 yrs old.i cant beleive i have found it again after all of these years!! all i had to go on was just the lyics,someday soon khomeini youll burn one flag tomany...........and put it in google and it popped up.!!

Matt Hallmark

Roger Hallmark is my father, lol. I could get you any of his music you want.

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