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May 30, 2007



I don't know if you recognize the names, but Mr. and Mrs. Willke were major figures in getting the anti-abortion movement started around the country before Roe v. Wade. Allegedly, the couple first got involved with the issue, because of the sex education talks they were giving around the country. They later played a big role in founding the National Right to Life Committee (still the country's largest anti-abortion organization) and traveling to all the states to form chapters of the organization.


I think these two folks in the lecture are pretty backwards and unenlightened about sex. if they are also working for the crazy pro-lifers, it wouldn't surprise me. check out Ruth Westheimer, she knows what she is talking about when it comes to sex.


These folks' Life Issues Institute may talk in a down to earth manner, but the absolute crap-science that the Institute supports is worth noting as well.

Such as, abortion is linked to the occurrence of breast cancer in women.


Is that a bulge in your pants mr. Willke, or just a dorkys kid head? And what is that boy looking at anyway?


A record that's hard to swallow...prefer to spit.

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